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Tuesday, May 18, 2021





   Gus looked similar to this gosling 

Who is Gus Hawthorne?

In the spring of 2007, a couple driving on Hawthorne Avenue in Salem, Oregon came upon an injured Canada Goose gosling. The couple carefully placed the gosling in a box and transported him to a local wildlife facility. The couple nick-named the little fellow "Gus" and were impressed that such a strong will to survive could come from such a small creature. Despite his strong will to live, Gus did not survive his injuries.

In early 2010, this same couple, along with several other animal supporters, established a foundation focused on supporting the work of non-profit animal charities. In the spirit of "Gus" from Hawthorne Avenue, we have named our venture the Gus Hawthorne Foundation.

To learn more about the Canada Goose, visit Cornell Lab of Ornithology

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Who Is Gus
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